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HR Consulting

We offer a range of HR Consulting Services to assist your business through good and bad. Our innovative approach and proactive consultants will help you identify and minimise all employment related risks in your business. Contact us today and see how we can improve your business.

HR Advice

Sometimes all you need is the right advice at the right time. Our HR Advice services are what you need. We can give advice on the redundancy, your obligations, hiring and firing and all staff related queries. We can help you fast and may end up saving you more than just money.

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“Concentrating on employee engagement can help companies
withstand, and possibly even thrive, in tough economic times.”

– Gallup

HR Consulting with a Difference…..

We are a niche provider of HR Consulting services aimed at helping SMEs like you to manage your people effectively. As a smaller business ourselves, we understand what you need – simple, straight forward advice that can get you back to running your core business as soon as possible.

With our ‘no jargon included’ approach, we can help you resolve your people issues simply and quickly.

We make HR simple because it should be

You see, we’re not just another HR consulant – and we aren’t corporate either, we are straight talking HR experts who bring commercial HR thinking and structure to small business. We know HR management often takes a back seat in the whole scheme of managing a business, but managing people and managing them well can often be the difference between making a profit and loss. And if you look at your balance sheet labour costs are generally pretty high on the list, so you want to make sure you are servicing this asset effectively and that’s what we are best at, we help businesses to create competitive advantage through people.

At HR Gurus we essentially become our clients outsourced HR function, we know how challenging it can be for a small business to stay on top of all their HR issues, so we take the pain away for business owners by providing valuable HR Consulting services that make sense.

So how engaged are your employee’s? If you think HR is all fluff you are wrong. At HR Gurus we know there is a direct link between business performance and employee engagement. Let us show you how to turn your people into profits through our integrated services.

Together lets create competitive advantage through your people today!

What we do and How we do it?

We provide a number of comprehensive HR services designed and tailored especially for businesses just like yours. So let’s give you some more information about what we do and how we do it. Firstly, our éthos is around the following brand values these are vitally important to us:

We provide commercial HR services that make sense.
Integrity & Trust
We believe in building lasting relationships.
We will always be there when you need us.
We love what we do and are committed to your success.
Straight Talking
We cut to the chase, no HR jargon included.
We seek to understand your business

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So, what do we do?

We have a range of services that can help you to get back to running your business, all designed to be flexible, tailored and effective:
Our most popular service is our Virtual HR Manager packages, these are designed to assist you in building a value-add outsourced HR function through the delivery of key HR programs coupled with ongoing support and coaching.

Programs include:

  1. Employee Engagement Surveys
  2. HR Compliance Program including, contracts, policies and Induction
  3. Performance Development & Planning Program
  4. Recruitment & Selection Program
  5. Get Fit Culture Change Program
  6. HR Skills Training to assist in building internal HR capability
  7. Ongoing coaching and support via face to face and over the phone support