whatishrWe get asked ‘What is HR?’ a lot.  So, we when we did some research to see what was out there, we discovered that there wasn’t an easy answer. Or anywhere people could go to get a simple answer.  So, we decided to solve this problem, by writing a business book for SMEs, What is HR?.

At HR Gurus, we’re all about making things simple. And answering the ‘What is HR?’ question is no different.

With our simple 6 Factors of HR, you can quickly and easily understand what is meant by the term ‘human resources’, as well as learning about HR and how it can make your business money. With topics covered like recruitment, legal stuff, training and performance, we’re sure you will find What is HR? easy to read, informative and jargon-free.

Whether you’re a small, medium or large business owner, or even a University student trying to decide if a career in HR is right for you, you will benefit from reading What is HR?.

How can you check it out?

Hard Copy $21.95 inclusive of postage.