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Navigating HR issues can waste time, resources and money especially when you add COVID-19 into the picture. Get protected with our user friendly HR templates that will help you manage your people problems like a boss!

Get the EXACT ten HR templates we get asked for daily… One is a Stand-down letter template and the other is a Variation to hours letter template… Plus so much more…

We have a number of cost-effective options to help you deal with your HR issues simply and effortlessly.

All our HR templates are simple to use and packed with compliant content!

Over 78% of employers are at risk of non-compliance through poor HR decisions and lack of robust HR documentation

With so much unchartered territory around COVID-19 employers are struggling to cope with the changing landscape. People = Profits and if you are not managing your people effectively you could be at risk of costly Unfair Dismissal Claims or wage underpayments…

The problem?

Most business owners do not have the time, knowledge or resources to manage HR within the complicated legal system within Australia. When a business owner needs to tackle tricky HR issues such as stand downs, jobkeeper, redundancy, terminations and performance management issues they don’t really know how to craft simple, legally compliant communication to protect them from post hiring challenges.

This is precisely why I’ve put together a number of collections with our most asked for and utilised HR templates that you can download & start using within just minutes of receiving them – regardless of the industry you work in.

You most likely have a people problem right now and don’t know how to deal with it…

Did you know that most unfair dismissal or Fair Work claims could have been avoided with clear written communication and advice to the employee in question?

Unfortunately, most Business Owners and Managers don’t know how to write clear concise HR letters that deliver your message clearly and compliantly. After sending literally 100,000’s of HR letters and testing & measuring the results, I’ve put together a powerful collection of our most commonly asked for and used HR templates guaranteed to assist you to manage your most common HR issues. We have all your COVID-19 HR issues too as we have spent hours getting across all the recent changes and how they impact you and your business.

Here are the facts about the costs of
Unfair Dismissals in Australia…

According to the Productivity Commission, an average unfair dismissal claim costs an Australian employer approximately $13,500.

And this is not even half the story. You see;

* Unfair dismissal claims result in many other unseen costs, such as damage to your employer brand, unforced turnover of employees, time managers need to spend dealing with the claim and it goes on and on…

* Most claims could be avoided if Business Owners followed a robust and well documented process to performance manage and dismiss employees.

* 90% of Business Owners have no understanding of employment laws and how to work them in their favour.

*Fair Work Australia are predicting a massive spike in claims amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Most employers are not aware of how to apply the news laws to them which means many are unlawfully standing employees down, reducing hours of work or terminating people without following a proper process.

Frankly, most business owners do not have the time or skills to get across the Fair Work Act and are at risk of making poor ill-informed decisions that will cost money later.

The secret is, you must have the correct HR documentation and templates to work from to avoid claims and issues arising later. 

Who am I & what do I know about HR Compliance?

I’m Emily Jaksch, straightalking HR expert and author of What is HR, a must have guide for any Business Owner who is looking to understand the “How To” of managing HR in any business.

For the past 20 years I’ve been helping business owners and CEO’s develop a sound HR platform to create profitable businesses. I help clients turn their People into Profits.

Having worked across countless industries and sectors I am continually asked for my opinion on how to create a simple HR platform that works in any business big or small…

And, after much deliberation on what the most important HR templates are for any business, I’ve decided to compile The COVID-19 Value Pack Series to help Business Owners manage their HR issues with more ease than ever before – saving time, money & stress. 

This pack contains every template you could ever need to manage tricky HR issues in your business in the current climate.

You’ll be amazed at how quick & easy it is to create high impact HR letters and documents with these well-thought-out templates;

You’ll immediately get access to 10 COVID-19 HR templates that you can tweak to your own liking & use within just minutes. Plus, we break down each template for you in easy-to-understand language & map out the precise sequence in which they should be used to maximise impact and reduce risk… 

Yup, it’s that easy!

Template Set 1:

COVID-19 Employer Value Pack; including the following 9 must have templates

You will get access to 10 templates including:

  • COVID-19 Policy
  • COVID-19 Employer Guide
  • Working from home policy
  • Infection & Prevention control policy
  • Consultation Presentation Template
  • A stand down letter
  • Consultation letter to vary hours of work including a variation agreement
  • Redundancy letter
  • JobKeeper notification letter
  • JobKeeper enabled directions letter

Here’s what people are saying from all types of industries…

“HR Gurus templates have helped me daily in my role as a People Manager within my business, I love the ease in which I can access letters for every HR issue imaginable, my favourite is the termination in probation letter! I use this all the time, it makes me feel secure in the knowledge that the letter also provides a script for having the conversation. Katie Swanson – Learning and Culture Manager – JP Flynn.

“Dealing with HR issues in my business was taking so much time and effort, I was continually writing HR documents from scratch (really badly) and the language I was using was getting me into hot water… I actually ended up with an Unfair Dismissal claim and the termination letter I used was completely wrong and meant I was at risk! I now use HR in a Box whenever I have a HR issue and I find that the meetings go so much better when I have a script and great simple language to set my expectations and communicate effectively. The templates were the best money I have spent in a long time… Jay Chirnside – General Manager Kerfab Industries.”

Get started immediately & start applying the templates
within just minutes…

So, what’s the Template Series worth?

It’s hard to put a value on something that will be able to save you money every day and every time you use it in the future and that has been proven to save time and money for Business Owners in all types of industries.

But I want to be fair about it and make this series available to as many people as possible.

So I’ve kept the price low. Very low. 

In fact, The COVID-19 Value Pack Template Series is normally $699, but, when you act today, you’ll get it for the tiny price of just $399. In fact as a limited time offer use the discount code client50 on checkout to receive a further $50 OFF

I know. It’s ridiculously cheap for a product that guarantees you a dramatic increase in your ability to reduce HR risk. You’ll make far more from the first template you use, so the set immediately pays for itself.

So don’t wait. Claim your own copy of my COVID-19 templates today before the price goes up.

You’re even covered by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!