Do you know what bullying and harassment is?

Did you know that you don’t have to have an intention to upset someone to be found to be engaging in bullying or harassing behaviour? If they feel bullied, sometimes that can be enough to have a solid case.  It can be tricky, and also extremely high risk for organisations if anti-bullying and harassment policies aren’t clearly communicated.

And, although you may know that bullying and harassment is not acceptable in the workplace, did you know that if you are a Victorian employer, bullying is now a criminal offence?

In 2011, Brodie’s Law was passed introducing bullying to the Crimes Act 1958.  Haven’t heard of it? The law was passed following the suicide of a young female after she experienced ‘vicious, persistent’ bullying at her workplace. The law, named in her memory, expands the definition of stalking to include bullying acts and could mean up to 10 years jail  for individuals.

Unfortunately, saying that you didn’t know isn’t enough. HR Gurus are here to help you protect your employees and your business from risk. Contact us now or have a look at our Equal Employment Opportunity training module.