Are you aware of all the HR laws and regulations you are required to comply with as an employer? And do you understand what this really means for your business? We can help you to make sure your are fully compliant with:

Our Compliance program will look at all the legal stuff that will help you get your business in good HR shape. This includes the review and development of:

– contracts of employment

– policies

– induction manual

and will ensure that you have the flexibility to best manage the people in your business.

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    HR Compliance

    Typically the first step in the HR journey for any small to medium business is setting up HR Compliance in your business. Developing and implementing employment contracts, policies and induction materials will assist your business in not only ensuring that documentation is legally compliant, but also ensuring that any inefficiencies are eliminated. By purchasing our HR in a Box Product this will be a fairly quick and easy exercise with our priority being around ensuring that your:

    • Contracts of employment are modern, value-add and they also comply with legal and business requirements. We will also ensure these include a template for Independent Contractor arrangements.
    • We develop a suite of HR policies that are practical and deliver what you need to manage your people well.
    • We develop a simple Induction Manual and process to ensure people are welcomed and inducted into your business correctly.

    Having the right paperwork in place when you bring people in to your business is critical. Not only is it critical to provide the incoming person with all the relevant information about their new role and the expectations of them, but it’s also essential that you are providing a set of robust and flexible expectations that you, as the employer, can enforce. Too often we see contracts and policies that are either not comprehensive enough, so do not provide any flexibility to the employer. Or, conversely, are over-developed and are extremely strict, legalistic and inflexible that whenever issues arise, employees and the employer alike are unable to decipher or interpret the meaning of the clauses.

    We believe it is critical to have documentation in place that speak in plain terms, are legally robust but have a positive and welcoming tone for your new staff member. It’s a balance between providing structure and protection for you without scaring your new employee away.

    The HR Gurus contract of employment review and development includes:

    1. Review of all current contracts, documents, industrial instruments and internal contractual requirements to gain full understanding of business needs.
    2. Development of robust, legally approved and flexible contracts of employment templates for all staff types including:
      • Full time and part time permanent staff, both salaried and Award covered
      • Fixed term contracts
      • Casual contracts
      • Independent contractor agreement
    • Tailored clauses to deal with business requirements
    • Tailoring of each template to develop a new contract of employment for each staff member
    • Advice and coaching on rolling out new contracts of employment with staff
    • Ongoing advice and coaching for managers on day to day interpretation of contracts (1 hour training session for managers is an alternate option for this.)

    Development of HR Policies and Induction Manual includes:

    • Purchase of HR in a Box which will provide you with access to over 100 templates ranging from HR policy templates, recruitment tools to letter templates as well as a number of handy HR forms.
    • Tailoring of these documents to cover off important items as relevant for your business and industry. This would include such things as company equipment and internal processes
    • Development of Induction Manual to welcome new employees and introduce them to your business’ rules and code of ethics
    • Advice and coaching on rolling out new Policies and Induction Process with staff
    • Ongoing advice and coaching for managers on day to day interpretation of Induction and Policies

    Completing and implementing this program is really step one for any business. This is the key step prior to commencing anything else in your business.