visionVirtual HR Manager Packages

What do we do? Essentially HR Gurus is an outsourced HR service for businesses who want to invest in HR but are not big enough to require a dedicated HR resource to sit within their business. We are about helping small businesses set up the right systems and frameworks they need to manage HR effectively in their business without all the red tape and without fuss.

We do this through a range of Virtual HR Manager packages which include assisting our clients to build internal capability through the delivery of key HR programs coupled with ongoing support and coaching.

Programs include:
1. Employee Engagement Surveys
2. HR Compliance Program including, contracts, policies and Induction via enableHR
3. Performance Development & Planning Program
4. Recruitment & Selection Programs
5. Get Fit Culture Change Programs
6. HR Skills Training to assist in building internal HR capability
7. Ongoing coaching and support via face to face and over the phone support

The beauty of having your own tailored HR solution, is that you can relax in the knowledge that whatever issue crops up – we’re standing right behind you. We provide a HR solution that becomes a seamless, valued part of your operation.

Performance Development & Planning Process

Performance management is a key priority for any small to medium business and we can provide support and coaching to the management team in regards to performance management of their people. This means managing the performance of all staff through a robust annual review process, as well as the ‘how to’ of managing under-performing employees. This is normally the number one frustration of Business owners in that issues occur because employees do not have clear accountabilities around role deliverables.

The critical factor here is to provide a system that allows flexibility and objectivity in assessing and managing individuals’ performance, as well as enabling managers to make decisions and feel confident in their approach to managing the performance of their staff.

Managing people to perform in your business is vital to your success and to increasing profits. In simple terms, if you do not give your people clear goals and context to their work, then your business is most likely missing out on some big opportunities. Why, you ask? Because, to succeed (and really perform well) people need to understand what their role is (i.e. what they need to do) and how they contribute to the big picture (context!).

This is the pointy end of managing HR in your business – and if you look at any great, successful businesses, they do this really well and have a performance culture. (In non-HR speak, it means that EVERYONE knows how to do their job really well, and do it really well, constantly). Put simply, managing performance well makes your business money.

Even if you have a performance appraisal process to use in your business, from our point of view, this is just a form. It’s the process behind it that makes or breaks it, and at HR Gurus, we are about helping you create a robust, easy to use process in your business to help your people performance better.

Firstly, let’s talk about what performance management is really all about:

It is an ongoing process that drives your business success.

The concept is to provide a simple goal setting process that links your business goals to employee efforts. Done well, it creates a simple way to measure how people are performing, and ultimately, it will mean that job performance and productivity are the focus. So, why is performance management so important?

At the end of the day, if your people aren’t doing what you employed them to do, you are wasting money and you won’t meet your business goals. So, we need to make sure that everyone knows what they are expected to do and how to do it, and a good annual performance management process should have 4 basic components:

  • Clear goals and expectations
  • Compulsory participation (don’t make it an option)
  • Employees should self-track
  • Regular and ongoing feedback and communication

Overall, the intention of a new performance review process at your business or as we call it Performance and Development Planning (PDP), would be to:

  • Have measurable, specific goals for everyone that is linked to the business goals
  • Involve your managers in the day to day management of staff, giving them more ownership over the process and accountability for their own performance
  • Ensure your people are engaged in the process and understand their own role and expectations of them; the wider business strategy and goals; how they fit into the bigger picture; and that they are key to the business success
  • Provide ongoing training and coaching to both your managers and staff to ensure the process is effective and simple
  • Provide a clear link between performance and pay and rewards

So, what does our PDP Program involve? Simply:

  • Review of your current business plan and strategy to ensure we understand your bigger picture and goals
  • Review of all position descriptions to ensure they are up to date and relevant
  • Development of a simple, robust PDP process including:
  • Flow down of key business initiatives and objectives into measurable, simple goals and objectives for all staff
  • Actionable, measurable learning and development objectives for all staff
  • Opportunity for career development discussions and plans
  • Dialogue skills to enable managers to address areas of concern as well provide positive and reinforcing feedback
  • Assist in developing PDP draft templates for your critical roles to provide examples of the ‘how to’ of good, robust KPIs and performance development planning
  • Manager training programme (4 hour module) including training presentation, workbooks and Managers Guide to PDP. Training outcomes include:
  • Understand what is meant by ‘Performance Management’?
  • The role of a manager in performance review discussions
  • Introduction to new PDP system and process
  • Setting objectives and managing performance
  • Conducting review sessions
  • Dialogue skills
  • Common errors in PDP ratings
  • Feedback – the what, why and how
  • Employee training program ( 1 hour module) including:
  • Training presentation and workbooks
  • Employees Guide to PDP
  • Coaching of managers in the ‘how-to’ of holding the PDP discussions

If you are looking to create a culture of performance in your business then our PDP program will show you how.