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HR can be seriously confusing with changing employment laws, COVID-19 challenges, multiple Awards and employee dramas. Don't fear because HR can be simple with the right guidance, content and support.

Imagine a business where understanding and managing HR is easy and you have access to all you need to know plus you have support when things go wrong. The good news is, we can help you achieve this.

When you become a member of the HR out of the Box community you will receive all the knowledge, tips and tools you need to make HR simple, because it should be.

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As a valued member of the HR out of the Box community, you’ll enjoy learning how to:
Deal with tricky HR compliance issues

Including how to deal with COVID-19 we are  in unprecedented times and many employers need support around managing their employee obligations. We will explain how to work the laws for you, not against you. We will also help you understand the complex legal implications of HR whilst mitigating your risks. 

How to get the best out of people & drive business success
Learn how to have tough conversations with your people, that hold them accountable and raise the performance bar. For us its all about communication & feedback. 
Set up your HR function for maximum success
As a member you will learn all abour the 6 Factors of HR, that will help you turn your people into profits. You will also get to tap into our years of experience of systemising HR for clients across multiple industries
After 6 months of FREE access for just $29 a month you will get:
Support & Regular Updates
Tips & Tricks + Tools & Templates
Weekly Education, content + videos
Access to HR Gurus support
Live Q & A's
A copy of our book What is HR
Here's How it Works
And what you will get with your Membership

Every Thursday you will recieve an email notifying you about what we will be discussing in our weekly live webinar!

 This will include handy advice, theory and clever ideas for you to implement straight off the bat.

Live Webinars

Every Tuesday at 10:30am (AEST), we host a LIVE and exclusive webinar in the private, members only, Facebook group. Don’t worry if you can’t make it on the day all these videos will be saved in the Units section on our page so you can watch them anytime.

Tools & Templates

Get access to our most downloaded HR templates to use easily and effortlessly in your own business. These include!

Termination letters,  Redundancy Letters, file note templates, warning letters and much much more.

What is HR

You will also get copy of our book “What is HR” how to turn your people into profits! You will learn our 6 Factors of HR model all geared towards turning you into you own HR Guru! You can check out more information about this awesome resource here.

Facebook Thread

You’ll get to join a weekly discussion thread in the Facebook group that’s open for any questions you have or any results you’d like to share with our HR out of a Box community. This is a great place to learn from your fellow HR Gurus.

Support & Community

Remember, you’re not alone! When you’re a member of HR in a Box Community, you’ll have the support and guidance of the HR Gurus and other community members.

We love how our members support and learn from each other! 

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Frequently Asked Questions
Here Are A Few FAQs We Get A Lot

Will my membership give me value even if i am a really small business?

Yes! The membership is great for people who come from all different types of businesses of all different shapes and sizes.

Whether you are a Payroll Officer, HR Officer, standalone HR Manager or Business Owner the fundamentals of HR are all the same whether you have zero employees reporting to you or 500!

Our membership adds value and upskills anyone who has an interest or responsibilities around managing HR.

What types of people is this membership group for?

As mentioned above this group is for anyone who needs to understand HR within a business setting. The types of members we attract are professionals who are looking to up skill and stay up to date including:

- SME, start-ups, Business owners, Front-line Managers, CEO’s & Directors of businesses who are looking to understand what their obligations are

- Payroll people, Bookeepers, Accountants or Compliance professionals who look after HR within their portfolio

- Standalone HR practitioners who want a tribe to connect and learn with       

Can I do a FREE trial? Is there a lock in?

Yes you can simply sign up for our 6 month FREE trial and if you like us then stay in the Group if not simply cancel anytime.  There are no joining fees, cancellation fees or lock in contracts! We recommend joining on the FREE 6 month option to test it for yourself – you can cancel any time!  

Can I cancel my membership?

 Yes, absolutely! The month by month can be cancelled anytime and the 12 month membership renews automatically every year. If you’d like to cancel just let us know before then.

A few nice words from people who dig us
... and we think they're pretty cool for talking about us too
The HR out of the Box membership helps me to keep across what is going on in the HR & IR landscape. I'm in a stand-alone HR Manager role and get asked questions all the time. Compliance is not my background I'm more in OD, I now have a place to go and get answers. I love the way I learn from the group! Definitely a great investment.
- Jade Martin
I run a small boutique consulting firm and have no idea about HR compliance, as we grew to 5 employees I knew we needed more structure and now I have access to all the tools and support I need. I love the templates and the fact that if I have a question the group normally answers my concerns. The weekly lives are also great, I learn a lot.
- Sarah Bower
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