You are probably thinking why would we outsource HR rather than employing a resource directly? What are the benefits? We find that employing a HR Manager directly can have some negative impacts, these include:

  • An internal HR resource is stand-alone and has no-one to support them
  • An internal HR resource will become part of your furniture and will build relationships with people that will make it difficult to remain impartial should conflicts arise
  • An internal HR resource is likely to get bogged down in non-value add transactional work during their hours and fail to focus on strategic value add activities that drive improved results
  • An internal HR resource will need to create your HR structure from scratch which takes significant time and effort
  • An internal HR resource will be available only the days when they are onsite and will generally be employed traditionally meaning you are taking a risk employing directly meaning it will not be easy to scale up or down should you need to

Outsourcing your HR function to a group such as HR Gurus means that you gain access to an entire team of people rather than a singular person. Combined we have over 60 years experience in all facets of HR across countless industries. Through an outsourced solution you gain access to this experience and will have around the clock support through our HR Service Centre meaning you are never alone. Although we will allocate a dedicated HR Guru to work on your account we will also tap into our teams strengths should we need to bring in an “Expert” should we need to. Further to this outsourcing means you will try before you buy and can get an appetite for HR before jumping in head first to employing a resource. You can scale us up or down at any time!