The word “Consultant” has long been seen as a dirty word in the business world and add the word “HR” and you have a double whammy. So often we get asked so What is HR anyways? What does a HR Consultant actually do? Do you do “recruitment”, so let’s clear some myths up right here.

Although many HR Consultants have a reputation for being a pack of dithering, no substance, flakes, we can assure you that the team at HR Gurus is very different to your average run of the mill consultant. Let’s tell you how our HR Consulting philosophy is different:

  • We are practical, pragmatic and no nonsense
  • We are outcomes focused, you tell us what you want to achieve and we will help you get there (lawfully, if possible!)
  • We get the laws and how to work them to your advantage
  • We listen to understand and then we advise, we don’t tell you how to run your business