Managing Flexible Work Requests during COVID-19
The latest restrictions in Victoria mean that employers and business owners are struggling to navigate employee needs around flexible work requests whilst they are now expected to provide care and support for their children who are remote learning.

You are likely wondering how you are going to deal with the following potential challenges:

Managing requests for employees to continue or start to work from home or flexibly when this is not ideal for either party.
Managing employees who now need to care for their children who are remote learning whilst balancing their work responsibilities.

We know it's confusing and also stressful so we have created some practical tools and templates to assist you to:

- Create a policy around Flexible Work and Remote Learning for your business to implement to prevent claims and confusion
- Navigate all relevant employment laws amidst COVID-19
- Deal with all requests in a lawful and appropriate manner
- Ensure you are maintaining your obligations around the JobKeeper scheme within your business

With this pack you will get access to 2 templates including a Flexible Work & Remote Learning Policy plus a Flexible Work Request Form.
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