COVID-19 Starter Pack

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Discover 10 HR Templates That Could Save Australian Businesses $13,000
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Know All Your Rights As An Employer And Ensure Your Business Takes The Correct & Appropriate HR Steps For JobKeeper, COVID Safe Plan, Staff Consultation and Much More!
Implementing HR Systems Are Tough But There Is a 'Shortcut'...

We want you to take advantage of all the time, effort and money we've put in since COVID-19 started that have helped countless businesses save time and money whilst avoiding all types of legal claims and non-compliances.

The best part is - you don't need to 'guess' or try to figure out which one is right or wrong, or even do extra research. You can literally STEAL all our templates and policies on how to avoid claims, having absolute clarity of the latest requirements as well as always being compliant in your business operations!

With this done-for-you pack, you can literally 'plug n play' all the policies and templates you get and immediately become compliant amidst all the latest restrictions.

Even better, this pack will make sure your business is ready to adapt to unexpected restrictions that come into play by the government as well. As an employer, it is absolutely important to have contingency plans in place and this pack will help you create it.

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"I learned so much practical and amazing HR insights that I never knew existed from HR Gurus..."

Jag, CEO of JourneyX
"Really eye-opening...I'm so grateful to HR Gurus for helping me communicate to my team better"

Annette, Awards Australia
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Geoff, CEO Awards Australia
Who Needs These Templates? It's Business Owners Who Are:
Looking for an EASY way to escape the COVID-19 'compliance hustle' and focus on more important things like running your core business?
Ready to receive the FAST TRACKED solution to resolving all your HR issues without having to spend days research not knowing what information is right or wrong?
Want to get across understanding all your rights as an employer, including how to best implement the new policies and processes so you can manage the laws to your advantage rather than flying blind?
In need of ready-to-use templates that will cover you in any COVID-19 relevant situation amidst all the restrictions and laws including working from home, JobKeeper, COVID-Safe Plan, COVID-19 policies, stand down letters and so much more
Here's Everything Included In The COVID-19 Starter Pack
The Employer's JobKeeper Pack
($297 Value)

With this ready-to-use pack, you will get a total of 3 templates that you will definitely need when you intend to conveniently implement the JobKeeper scheme to your business. This pack includes a consultation letter for reduction of hours, COVID JobKeeper enabled directions as well as JobKeeper notification letter templates for your convenience.

The Complete COVID-19 Policy
($357 Value)

As Australia's leading HR professionals, we monitor changes in the advice daily and have collated it all together in this document for you. Unfortunately, there's not a single document that can be found online that really includes everything you need to know conveniently in one practical document. This complete COVID-19 policy includes all the latest information that you need to remain compliant during these uncertain times.

The Complete Working From Home Policy ($197 Value)

With this fully-fledged Working from Home Policy, no matter the size or industry your business is in, you will be able to get a full grasp of your obligations as you now move towards all your people working remotely. You can literally insert your logo and send off to your team making it as simple as ever to communicate your new policy rules to your employees easily and efficiently.

Secrets To Maximize Remote Worker Productivity ($317 Value)

With your busy schedule, we know you don't have the time to make sure your employees remain productive even whilst they are working at home? Employers tend to feel a bit lost in terms of the how to of bringing out the best in your team given the current working environment. With this comprehensive guide, you can maintain productivity levels at its peak even from afar.

COVID-19 Stand Down Letter Template($97 Value)

Unfortunately, some employees need to be stood down to ensure business operations are at its most effective place as well as maintaining an organisation structure that allows the business to reduce expenses as needed. This letter will ensure the employee feels like it is a fair decision by the employer and will allow you to maintain a good relationship with them.

The Flexible Working Pack Every Employer Needs ($157 Value)

With the latest restrictions you maybe feeling overwhelmed with the countless flexible working arrangement requests that you are receiving? Coupled with this, flexible work requests are a protected workplace right. This pack will help you to ensure your requests are addressed whilst avoiding adverse action claims. It includes a Flexible Work Request Policy and a form to assist you in managing requests as per the FWA guidelines.

And...For a Limited Time, You Will Also Get a Special Bonus:
The Done-For-You COVID-19 Safe Plan (Value $257)

As a business owner, it's your responsibility to enact a COVID Safe Plan as one of the legal requirements from the government. With this done-for-you safe plan, you get to skip all the 'guess' work about what a COVID Safe plan needs to include, as this template is ready to use immediately. It's an easy to use checklist to ensure you are covered.

The total value of this pack is well over $1,400 and thinking logically, even at $1,400 it would still be a steal compared to how much businesses are at risk of being fined up to $30,000! The beauty of this comprehensive all-in-one HR solution for COVID-19, is you get to eliminate not just the financial risks of being non-compliant, but you get to access all the latest templates and policies you need without spending the time to research and compile everything yourself!

But we're not selling this pack to make a lot of money - we completely understand that what businesses need now is as much help and support as they can get and as one of the leading HR firms in Australia, we are honoured to provide that support  during these tough times.

So we decided to release this pack for $397 + GST, but if you purchase TODAY, you'll get the ENTIRE pack for just:

$397 $97 + GST

That's right, we're giving you EVERYTHING you need to know about all the latest restrictions and how it affects your business in order to successfully navigate through COVID-19, avoiding unnecessary costs as well as being absolutely compliant, for over 90% off the regular fees !

The best part is, not only will you save over $1,000, but, you will be the very first to get the latest COVID-19 policies, templates and strategies you can copy utilise in your own business that is going to give you a strong head start compared to your competition!

Everything is delivered to you electronically for instant access meaning you can start implementing these systems RIGHT AWAY. Literally all you will need to do is insert your LOGO and company name and away you go.

How good will it feel when you feel free from all the burden of having to worry about how to properly address and implement the JobKeeper scheme, and being able to bring out increased productivity from your employees EVEN if they work from home with our top solutions to manage them effectively!

You can have all that and more, just by getting this pack.

You'll EASILY make your investment in this pack worth it with all the time and risks you have freed up, this is a no-brainer!

Who knows, with the unpredictable nature of COVID as well as government decisions, it is absolutely crucial for any Australian employer to have every policy or template ready at their disposal.

And don't forget, this is backed by our...

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We are 100% confident in the value in this pack and the results it will able to provide for your business. Because of this, we're giving you a full 30-days to fully implement our templates, guides as well as systems and if, for some bizarre reason you still haven't at least freed more time for your busy self or eliminated financial risks associated with it, we will give you a full refund.

"You cannot know how much anxiety and stress this pack has saved Annette and I" - Geoff, CEO of Awards Australia
Now You Have 3 Simple Options...
Option 1: Do Nothing and Go Backwards

Now it's only Victoria having the COVID-19 case spikes every day, but what would happen if the other states follow in this direction? Social distancing, working from home and cutting down hours or dismissals could potentially become the new norm... and for who knows how long. And if things really do get worse and there will be even more restrictions in place, it will cost you more time and effort to always keep up with the changes and knowing about the latest regulations again, and again and again...

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Option 2: Do Nothing and If You're Lucky, Stay The Same

If COVID-19 hasn't affected you as much as other businesses, then perhaps things might stay the same. However, since the COVID-19 recession is not going anytime soon, that seems like an idealistic scenario. They always say...dig your well before you become thirsty. If there's one thing we can learn from all this COVID-19 events, is to always be prepared because you will never know what's going to happen.

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Option 3: Take Action and Become COVID-Proof Today

With only a tiny investment, you could save your business thousands or ten thousands worth of fines, unnecessary employee costs that are actually EASILY avoided with the right knowledge, that's all in this COVID-19 starter pack that we're literally giving away.

Still Unsure? Here's Some Common Questions We Have
Where do you get all this information? Is It Accurate?

All the information we've compiled here are based on the latest legislation, Fairwork commission, Fairwork Act, latest advice from the Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) and Safework Australia. Our team has access to the newest and most updated information and evaluates the information contained in the pack daily. We're 100% across with the latest news.

Why should I choose this pack over other alternatives?

We made it as simple as possible for any employer to benefit, without using complicated jargon and legal terms that most people might not understand. Most policies use language that are not very user friendly that makes it hard for employers to communicate to their employees. 

Will this be relevant to any business/industry?

HR is general in nature, we will provide you with the big picture, but we will be able to advise you on your specific situation through a consultation call if you prefer to have one. Since any business might have different structures in place, we made it as applicable to majority of businesses out there.

Why is it relatively cheap?

COVID-19 is a huge problem for a lot of business owners that are already facing troubles in their day-to-day operations. As the experts in the field of HR, it's our duty to help all the business owners and managers in need, as we don't want to take advantage of the situation.

What if there are things I don't understand?

Feel free to reach out to one of our HR experts via our support email at

Will this cover JobKeeper?

It does include 3 templates that will help implementing JobKeeper. However, we do have a 26 page employer guide which covers JobKeeper in-depth. Reach out to us if you want to learn more about that.

How long does it take to implement this guide?

As soon as you get it, it's ready to go immediately as all the policies and templates contained here are all done for you.

I already have an existing HR provider, can I still use HRGURUS?

Yes of course. If you made a tailored request containing all the information we gave you in the pack, it may take up to a month for any HR consultant to package everything up for you.

Will this cover off my business whether if I'm a big or small business?

Yes, it is applicable across all industries and you can tailor it no matter how big or small. If you require further assistance, feel free to reach out to our support email at

What if I only need one or two from this pack?

Feel free to reach out to our support email at and we will work out something for you.

Who will benefit most from this pack

People in managerial positions, payroll, general managers as well as CEO's and business owners.

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