At HR Gurus we are passionate about the Aged Care sector and in 2016 we launched a new business We Care Recruitment (WCR) specialising in the Aged Care sector. We know how hard it can be to find great people, especially those who are going to fit with your culture and values and stay with you. Even harder is finding the right person to help you with recruitment who makes it simple for you. We are specialists in the Aged Care Industry and have a proven track record in delivering outstanding results by being able to quickly identify workers who align with your values.

If you are looking for that “best person” for your business or facility, We Care Recruitment or HR Gurus can help. Because finding great people is what we do best. And, because we actually are HR people, we know what to look for and have years of experience recruiting high calibre people within a wide variety of workplaces. We are highly trained and experienced, not your average recruiter, so there’s no a ‘bums on seats’ approach here. Because we’ve dealt with so many recruitment agencies in our careers, we value great recruitment and know we can deliver great results for our clients.

Our Recruitment Philosophy Is Simple

  • Find the best people; and
  • Put them in great workplaces

We use a structured process that does not just involve placing ads and hoping for the best.  We test the market, use our networks and headhunt from the competition. Yes, that’s right we headhunt for ALL roles not just the high flyers.

And, our specialty is Aged Care recruitment. You see, we have a tried and testing process which has been built from years of working in the industry, so we know how and where to find the right person for you. Also, when you tell us what you need in a role, we understand it completely because we know your industry.  For all your Aged Care recruitment needs, you can have peace of mind with us.

Fee Structure

We are cost effective and completely transparent with our fees. We use a completely non-traditional pricing structure, not your standard paying per placement rubbish, sound too good to be true? Well, it isn’t. If you are looking for a fantastic person at any level, from a PCA to a Facility Manager, we can find them for you – simply and easily. So get in touch with our team today.