whOur Vision

At HR Gurus, our big goal is for HR to be widely understood and valued by all business owners.  In our efforts, we want to help businesses understand the connection between employee engagement and profits.

You see we’re not just another HR consulting company – and we aren’t corporate either, we are straight talking HR experts who bring commercial HR thinking and structure to small business. We know HR management often takes a back seat in the whole scheme of managing a business, but managing people and managing them well can often be the difference between making a profit and loss. And if you look at your balance sheet labour costs are generally pretty high on the list, so you want to make sure you are servicing this asset effectively and that’s what we are best at, we help businesses to create competitive advantage through people.

Our Values

Real: We provide HR services that make sense.

Integrity & Trust: We believe in building lasting relationships.

Available: We will always be there when you need us.

Passionate: We love what we do and are committed to your success.

Straight Talking: We cut to the chase, no HR-jargon included.

Understanding: We seek to understand your business.

How we do it

Valuable             We add value to your business

Qualified            We are the people gurus – we have the experience you need

Cost Effective    We tailor the best cost solutions for you

Real                       There is no HR-jargon here – we speak in simple terms

Reliable               We will be there whenever you need us, how you need us

Lawful                 We know the relevant laws and how to work these for you

Flexible               Ramp our involvement up or down depending on your needs – without fuss