If you had to fit HR Gurus into a certain kind of box, you would probably describe us as a niche HR consulting company, who provides all types of human resources management for businesses of any size.

But we find this a little stuffy, because we have a lot more to offer. You could say HR Gurus is like an onion – a business with many layers!

Our end goal is for human resources management to be widely understood and valued by all business owners.

Basically, this means that we are different to the next HR consulting company because we want you to actually learn about HR and be able to do it yourself. We believe a face to face meeting is the best way for you to get to know us, but before we get there, we think it’s important you know a little about us first.  Want more info on why and how we do what we do:

Vision and Values
Our People
Some Facts About Us

You see, we’re not just another HR consulting company – we started this business to make life easier for people. In fact, we hope to dispel a lot of the existing myths about human resources management and start an ‘HR is Easy’ revolution. Will you join us?